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The MANS Difference

How MANS is different from on-reserve schools

Mamawi Atosketan students are creating milestones and succeeding at new levels. Our success comes through changing attitudes and social patterns.

The MANS difference includes:

  • Student and faculty interviews to determine eligibility for admission
  • The Leon Ingraham Industrial Arts/CTS Building classes in welding and construction technology 
  • Participation in a multi-school outdoor education week in Grades 5-9
  • Career fairs and life/work skills training comparable to that in other high schools, with additional higher education initiatives
  • Community service days that engage students with the wider community off the Reserve, in activities that instil an outward-focused, “giving back” attitude
  •  Athletic opportunities, such as a school basketball team periodically enhanced by MANS alumni and volunteer coaching, which aims to build skills and confidence while providing a haven from violence and impressment into gang service
  • A unique learning environment that leverages the will of families to challenge and alter expectations.

The success of our students stands in sharp contrast to national norms:

  • The class of 2020 had a 100% graduation rate
  • Since opening our doors in 2018, 57% of our graduates have gone on to university, trade programs, or are in the post-secondary admissions process
  • A culture of non-violent, inter-band co-operation has evolved within the student body
  • Alumni are choosing MANS for their children
  • Parents volunteer in classrooms and provide office support
  • Parents participate in field trips and are punctual for parent-teacher conferences
  • Students talk with each other and with their parents about where they will attend college or university
  • Furthermore, we actively cultivate Cree culture. The school is not controlled by any band, and the focus is on cooperative ventures. Constituent bands financially support enrichment activities that are part of the curriculum.

MANS succeeds by creating a supportive and rigorous alternative learning environment where a distinctly Cree culture is shared and thrives.

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